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Under the silvery glow of the moonbeams, 

My wings flap across the far away realms.

You bathe my writhing body in ecstasy,

Yet sting like a bumblebee. 

I moan, I gasp, I cling to you.

Is this how, mon amour, you woo?

Ah! It’s now time for me to go,

Back to my life of grime and woe. 

The door resounds with the sound of his fist,

My heart aches in the aftermath of our tryst.

His sweaty body, warts and all,

Takes over. Somewhere the bells toll.

You call my abode the hall of shame.

But I’m no dainty dame. 

Someday I’ll fly the nest,

Away from all this incest.



P.C – Luigi Boccardo from ‘Unsplash’

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