I’m an IT professional lost in the dreary world of data, pie charts and pivot tables. So, it is but natural that I sneak away occasionally into the magical world of words.

I’m a Kolkata Tamilian. They are a scattered breed of thamizh speaking individuals who have pledged their undying love for their City of Joy. Needless to say, you’ll find a deep influence of Bangaliyana in my writings. For Kolkata, or rather, Calcutta, indeed, has shaped me into who I am today.

I’m a regular contributor to various literary platforms like Women’s Web, Penmancy, Asian Literary Society, Beyond the Box, The Hive Publishers, ArtoonsInn & SoulCraft. The various accolades garnered from them hold a special place in my heart. For they egg me on. To keep writing.

May I add with a tinge of pride that I’ve contributed to various anthologies? My dream, however, is to publish a book. Fingers crossed!

I take immense pride in my identity as a crazy cat lady. My friends on Facebook will vouch for that. Nothing gives me more pleasure than the blissful purring of a furry feline.