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Welcome to my website.
You’ll find a plethora of short stories, poems (I’m an accidental poet), articles (mostly humour, for I’ve a funny bone protected & nurtured by its 205 cousins), and the occasional reviews (I plan to up the ante here). Happy Reading!

Stories & Articles

The Not So Flop Show

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It is a truth acknowledged in social media that a woman possessing humour must actively seek trolls - Narayani V Manapadam I replayed the video…


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Inhaling sharply, I boarded the yellow-green monster. So this is how sardines feel inside the tin. A sudden lurch followed. The paan-chewing uncle grabbed that moment…


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The mellifluous rhapsody of the barbets wafted in across the forest. A van glided to a halt near the thickets. The window rolled down, and…


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Manoranjan Sahu emerged from Kala Mandir with a satisfied smile. As a member of the Saraikela Chhau Committee, he often visited the handicrafts shop to…

Yours Exasperatedly, Pundarikaksha Purkayashtha

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Respected Editor, Kindly allow me to air my grievances in your esteemed newspaper. Where else will a flustered Bengali gentleman turn to, if not his…

NH 31

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Rekha took the key from the receptionist and proceeded to the lift. Her furrowed brow hinted at a discomfort that had crept into her heart.…