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Welcome to my website.
You’ll find a plethora of short stories, poems (I’m an accidental poet), articles (mostly humour, for I’ve a funny bone protected & nurtured by its 205 cousins), and the occasional reviews (I plan to up the ante here). Happy Reading!

Stories & Articles

Blood on Me

| Short Stories | One Comment
The cool breeze invigorated me, and I began to flutter. A few hours ago, an artist had worked his magic on me with his elegant…

A Toast to the Future

| Short Stories | No Comments
Dwaita opened her bleary eyes when the colossal ball of fluff climbed onto her belly. Squinting into the morning sunlight that streamed in from the…


| Short Stories | No Comments
BURTON MANSION The branches of the krishnachura swayed in the gentle April breeze. The leaves rustled to the soft rhythm of nature and reached out…


| Short Stories | No Comments
I stepped onto the balcony and looked down. The biscuit-coloured stray dog raised its head at me and whimpered before curling up into a ball.…

The Indiscreet Nuts

| Short Stories | No Comments
PROLOGUE: Centuries ago, a genie gifted a Sultan a ring with magical powers. When rubbed, the ruby-adorned band would coax a woman’s private parts to…

The Thorn in the Flesh

| Short Stories | No Comments
Draped in a Kerala kasavu, with intricate designs of kathakali dancers adorning the border, Sunanda strode towards the eastern end of the Chotanikkara temple. Her…


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