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Welcome to my website.
You’ll find a plethora of short stories, poems (I’m an accidental poet), articles (mostly humour, for I’ve a funny bone protected & nurtured by its 205 cousins), and the occasional reviews (I plan to up the ante here). Happy Reading!

Stories & Articles

Ice-Cold Revenge

| Short Stories | No Comments
The train chugs to a halt. A robotic voice from the public announcement system rattles off train and platform numbers. Wordlessly, we alight. The silk…

Liars! Liars!

| Short Stories | 3 Comments
Vidya and Sharad sat on wooden stools and watched the flames leaping high. The winter in McCluskieganj was severe that year. Thankfully, their caretaker had…

On Tinderhooks!

| Short Stories | 2 Comments
She opened her bleary eyes when the cat, all seven kilograms of squirming flesh and fluffy fur, burrowed under her blanket. Squinting into the faint…
Do lucky mushrooms exist? Birgit wonders, when she spots them. A chance encounter with her ex Max brings her the closure.

The Lucky Toadstool

| Short Stories | 2 Comments
Maximilian Spruce, fir, and beech trees dotted the path. Sunlight peeped through the foliage. Somewhere, a warbler called its mate. Maximilian paused. He raised his…
Akash and Gagan, identical twins residing in Delhi, attend Ansh's birthday party. Little do they know about locked closets!

Heartbeats of Innocence

| Short Stories | 3 Comments
Akash and Gagan were over the moon today. It was their Ansh bhaiyya’s thirteenth birthday, and they couldn’t wait to dig into the delicious cake…
Vaishali feigns illness and vacations in Goa. However, her annoying boss Susheela wonders how that can help migrants. What transpired there?

Go Goa Gone Girl!

| Short Stories | 3 Comments
Varsha Vaidya looked at T P Susheela, wondering if her manager had become senile.  “Trust me. SLAG will be a fabulous initiative.” With a flourish…