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Fleecy clouds dot the cerulean sky,

as the gentle autumnal breeze

coaxes them to dance the minuet.


The kans grass swivels in anticipation

of the seasonal rendezvous 

with the Goddess, oft revered as Mother. 


In labyrinthine by-lanes of a city,

artists breathe life into colossal idols

crafted out of clay and utmost devotion.


Makeshift edifices, bedaubed and austere,

jut out from legions of alleys,

proud to host their divine guests.


The ecstatic heartbeats 

gear up for a rhythmic duet

with the bucolic percussionist. 


Sunbeams descend on the Goddess,

in reverence and unbridled affection,

As her halo envelopes her earthly children. 


Somewhere, a girl awaits this burst of colours,

the melodious cacophony of chimes and chants,

as they encircle her in their warmth. 






P.C – Surajit Sarkar from ‘Unsplash’

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