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He was a pariah in his own land,

Fate had dealt him a cruel hand.

But whine he did not,

Against all odds he fought.

All he yearned for was a morsel,

And a life he could call normal.

A trunk, old and rusty

Held to his lock of hope the key.

The rupee coin had seen better days,

Withstood many a waning phase.

To him, it was worth in gold, 

For timeless tales of valour it told.

One day he would reach the pinnacle,

Aided not by miracle,

But through toil and grit.

Until then, he would never quit.


PS – 

Habseligkeiten was voted the most beautiful German word in 2004.

Meaning – 

Paltry belongings of an almost penniless person.


P.C – Zhun Fu from ‘Unsplash’



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