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Title – The Daivya Sutras

Author – Mona Verma & Sanjna Verma

Type – Fiction / Mythology

Reading Prompt – #8 – A book jointly written by two authors

I got this book as a prize in 2023 from a literary platform. I’m glad I didn’t have to research for this prompt, as this book fits the bill perfectly.

The Daivya Sutras is a collection of fascinating tales from the Puranas written by the mother-daughter duo Mona and Sanjna Verma. 

Initially, I was apprehensive about the book. I have maintained that mythology has reached its saturation point, as multiple retellings have become a norm. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the stories. 

There are twenty-four kathas or stories. Each begins with a mention of the Purana from which it originates. The authors briefly detail the characters; hence it becomes easier for the readers to proceed further. I was familiar with some tales, like those of the Chhaya Sita. My grandmother used to regale me with snippets from the epics, and some incidents didn’t find a mention in the original epics. 

Each katha has a moral. I learnt that temples like the one in Somnath trace their origins to Puranic tales. 

The book is interlaced with beautiful sketches. The language is simple and lucid, and the readers can finish reading it in a day or two. If you want to savour its beauty, take your time. Revel in our rich heritage. I liked how the authors did not incorporate present-day topics to incorporate them into the book. While I’m not an expert on the Puranas, this book seems to be a loyal retelling, retaining its essence. 

I recommend this book to all who are interested in mythology. Avid young readers should pick up this book to dive into the treasure trove of wisdom.

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