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Title – Until I Find You

Author – Kanchana Banerjee

Type – Fiction / Thriller

Reading Prompt #35 – A book about secrets

The cover of Until I Find You looks menacing enough to entice the readers to dive straight into it. The thriller by Kanchana Banerjee begins with the author’s note on what inspired the intriguing premise. It may or may not appeal to lovers of mystery. I, for one, hugely benefitted from the mini-story and hence could easily follow the plot. However, others might prefer to read it at the end. 

The book has three parts. The story is narrated from the points of view of Virat, Harsh & Jenny. The latter is told in the first person. All three characters are in the fictional city of Bannod in Rajasthan. They have different agendas for their actions, yet a common antagonist links them together. 

The multi-voice narrative is fast-paced. The chapters are crisp and hold the readers’ attention. Every character has a past that adds to the mystery. The enigmatic and notorious cult adds to the allure. 

The cat-and-mouse game between the protagonists and the antagonists culminates in a bone-chilling climax, shocking the readers with the ultimate shocker I didn’t see coming. 

If I have to nitpick on such a page-turner, it would be Part III. The events felt a tad rushed. The character of the bohemian Sejal enticed me, and I wanted to know more about her. However, the motive of her murder was casually mentioned. It would have been better if we had experienced her horror. Also, the revelation of the antagonist in the middle left me a bit underwhelmed. 

But the thrilling end compensated for my disappointment. It was a pleasure to read this book, and I recommend it to mystery lovers. 

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